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Aug. 20th, 2008 @ 11:20 pm damn projects
as is typical for me i have a million projects goin on at once. too many hobbies i guess. I am finally making major strides in the truck computer project though. have a temporary install for testing purposes and it is working flawlessly. even rigged up some amps today to get the speakers connected and was pleasantly surprised. now ll i gotta do is get the sound deadener for the truck and do that piece of the project before i have tons of wires all over the damn place since all wiring must be out of the way for putting down the sound deadening material and then wiring run over top of it. and then theres the rest of the interior that needs my attention panels need to be dyed the headliner needs to be wrapped in suede. the alarm needs to be rewired to make it no longer the rats nest that it was when it was "professionally" installed. then comes the fiberglass sub woofer box and custom amp rack. along with that will probably come some work on the dash panel that houses my monitor and dvd drive. also need to fabricate some kind of center channel speaker setup and get an amp for it to complete the 5.1 experience. i'm sure that will have to be fab'd'd to fit the dash top as well. then i'll want to upgrade the stock speakers in the doors, and after all that and the interior being reassembled i will want my leather seat conversion.

well that rounds out the truck i think.

then its on to jeep projects

and in the middle of all this stuff there are remote control aircraft to build and then the real fun part, teaching the other half how to fly. should prove to be interesting. so this is why even though justin's "job" leaves him plenty of free time he is hardly ever free. every project takes sooo much longer bein that i am far from 100% functional. hell just washing my jeep n giving it a quick detailing is an all evening affair. its gonna b hell to give it a good proper detailing. probably take the better part of a day. hopefully the truck can be done (maybe not the leather part) for next years car show season, and then can start doing a computer setup for the jeep and for cheryl's car, as well as give both full audio upgrades. the projects never end, lots of hobbies and non of them cheap, i need a second job dammit but then i'd have less time to get things done, just cant win i guess.

i dont even know why i decided to throw this big rant on here but its my journal so fuck it i can babble about whatever i want whenever i want
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Date:August 21st, 2008 04:32 am (UTC)
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I am gonna be great at flying, just you wait and see lol. Mwah